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Thursday, October 18, 2007

pm goran persson

Hans Göran Persson (Swedish IPA: ['ʝœ:ran 'pæ:ʂɔn]) (born January 20, 1949) was the thirty-first prime minister of Sweden (1996 – 2006). He was the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and a member of the Riksdag. Conceding defeat in the Swedish general election on September 17, 2006, he announced that he would resign as party leader. At an extra Party Congress in March 17, 2007 he was succeeded by Mona Sahlin. From August 2007 he is working as part time corporate lobbyist for the JKL Group.

Göran Persson is Obese and he was in a bicycle accident during his time as Prime Minister and in September 2003 Persson was diagonosed with hip osteoarthritis and surgery was recommended. He chose to go through Sweden's public health-care system instead of seeking private treatment; he was put on a waiting list, and finally received a hip replacement operation in June 2004. During that 9-month period he walked with a limp and reportedly was on strong painkillers; he had to cancel several official trips due to the pain he was in.

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